A Brief discussion on the loss in the production of plastic woven bag.

1. Wire drawing: This process is one of the processes with the largest consumption in the production of plastic woven bags. Some plastic sheets and plastic blocks do not form membranes when they are extruded by melting. The diaphragm stiffens on both sides when cutting the wire. After forming, the single filament is wound on the spindle core and the waste silk is sucked into the waste silk box. For different specification types, change color each time and eliminate filter consumption.


2. Weaving: There are three processes that are relatively expensive and consume them. Monofilament bobbins rotate in warp frames, must be aligned in order, and wear jumpers and buckles with fluff, floss, and filaments. When the filling enters the loop shuttle, there will be fluff, float and dirty yarn. Single silk and a whole sidewalk are consumed before and after each trip to replace several fabrics of different widths and units.

3. Film coating: Film coating process is the second process with high initial consumption, and the initial consumption consists of three small processes. Be sure to remove burrs after coating and weaving. When the raw material is molten extruded, a thermoplastic molten film is formed. Each time the standard type of width and specification is changed, the consumption of single and composite fabrics is estimated backwards and forwards.


Post time: Jun-17-2020
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