Classification of plastic bags

One, according to the form of Taiwan to be divided: single-layer plastic packaging bags and plastic packaging bags of Taiwan grade. Single-layer plastic bags, mainly PE plastic film, but also BOPP heat seal grade,

Features of single-layer plastic bags:

1) The price is cheap

2) Table printing process is adopted

3) The use of benzene soluble ink

4) As for the ink substrate surface, relative to gravure printing composite plastic bags, easy to fade

5) It is mainly used for clothing packaging bags and ordinary food packaging

6) Low-end packaging

Features of composite plastic packaging bags:

1) The price is more expensive than single-layer plastic bags

2) Adopt mirror image gravure printing

3) Due to the domestic implementation of benzene-free and ketone-free, more and more manufacturers are using benzene-free ink, but some manufacturers are still using benzene-soluble ink in order to reduce costs

4) Due to its use of gravure printing, printing ink is located on the inside of the substrate, and then in composite, so that it will not cause friction, oxidation and other problems resulting in color decolorization, than single-layer plastic packaging bags of the surface, a lot more lasting

5) Composite plastic packaging bags are widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, daily crystal and so on, used for its exquisite printing, and the function of the day by day to enhance, more and more widely used.

6) Medium and high-end packaging,

Two, according to the packaging function to divide: general form packaging and special packaging.

For example: three layers of packaging in composite packaging bags: BOPP/PET/PE, BOPP/WM PET/PE, BOPP/PE can be used for most of the packaging materials, such as zero packaging bags, red bran packaging bags, flavor crystal packaging bags, dried fruit packaging bags, candy packaging bags, roast duck packaging bags, roast chicken packaging bags, chicken leg packaging bags and so on. Other packaging materials can also be customized according to the requirements of the client.

Special packaging bags are also more:

1. For example, if rice packaging bags, millet packaging bags, seed packaging bags and PET grain packaging bags exceed 2kg, BOPA/PE or PET/BOPA/PE should be used. BOPA has strong tensile resistance, high oxygen and soft texture.

2. High temperature swallow boiling packing bag: including halogenated egg packing bag, roast chicken inside packing bag, roast duck inside packing bag, roast pigeon inside packing bag, chicken leg inside packing bag and other cooked food inside packing bag, BOPA/RC PP is mostly adopted because

Both BOPA and RC PP have high temperature resistance, no problem in 121 ° C, 30 minutes, 131 ° C, 30 minutes. Some depositor will use BOPA/AL/RC PP to reflect the grade of packaging products.

3, chemical products packaging: including pesticide product packaging bags, packaging bags, chemical deer to corrosion with PET/BOPA/AL/CPP, but because of its using KangShu erosion rubber compound, but the CPP is still has a certain type, use for a long time, if it is a corrosive liquid by CPP contact corrosion resistant glue, may lead to take off a layer, and the company developed a new product, adopting photosensitive layer coating corrosion resistant material, can tolerate a variety of corrosive liquids, well through without glue platens, won’t cause take off a layer, widely used in packaging and various corrosion liquid packaging pesticides.

4. Washing products: washing powder packaging bags and washing liquid suction nozzle bags. Washing powder packaging bags are mainly BOPP/ milky PE, and some depositors use BOPP/PET/ milky

Post time: Nov-09-2020
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