Plastic woven bag product process introduction

The production process of plastic woven bag can be divided into three steps: printing, cutting, sewing, and becoming woven bag. The steps are not necessarily in the same order as above. Depending on the equipment used, some plastic woven bags may be cut before printing or printed after cutting. Automatic cutting and sewing can continuously complete printing, cutting, sewing and other procedures, can also be made into valve pockets, bottom bags, etc., for flat woven cloth can be made of middle seam adhesion after bag making.

The technological index of plastic woven bag making includes the following aspects:

The breaking force of the woven bag is mainly to the bottom of the seam and the edge of the seam. Requirements for stitches, stitch length, and for stitches such as drop stitches, broken stitches, etc.

The clarity of printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing and the accuracy of layout position. Printed woven bags to be clear, no ink stains, printing content and the initial sample and requirements.

Iii. Outer tolerance size of woven bags. In the current national standard GB/T8946-1998, the width error is ±10mm, while the length difference is +15mm,-10mm.

Compared with traditional engineering plastics, plastic woven bag making has some defects, such as poor weather resistance, poor secondary processing performance such as coating, coloring and bonding, and poor compatibility with other polar polymers and inorganic fillers, which limits its application scope. The modification of plastic woven bag making can be divided into chemical modification and physical modification. Chemical modification mainly refers to copolymerization, grafting, cross-linking, etc., through changing the molecular structure of PP to achieve the purpose of modification. The above is the production process of plastic woven bags.


Post time: Oct-21-2020
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