Material woven bag 3 major characteristics

Plastic woven bags are often used in our daily life, we usually use them to carry goods. When we use it, what features should we know? We are specialized in the production and sale of plastic woven bags manufacturers, today we summed up the three characteristics of plastic woven bags.

1. Light weight. Plastic is generally relatively light, and the density of plastic woven bags is about 0.9 to 0.98 grams per cubic centimeter. The commonly used polypropylene woven bags, if you don’t add packing  is equal to the density of polypropylene. The density of polypropylene for plastic weaving applications is 0.90-0.91 g/cm3. Braiding is usually lighter than water.

2. High breaking strength and good wear resistance. Plastic woven bag is a kind of flexible material with high breaking strength in plastic products, which is related to its molecular structure, degree of crystallization, draft orientation, etc., and also related to the kinds of additives. If the specific strength (strength/specific gravity) is used to measure the plastic woven bag, it is higher than or close to the metal material. The friction coefficient between pure polypropylene plastic woven fabrics is small, only about 0, 12 and nylon to some extent similar to the friction between plastic woven fabrics and other articles with lubricating effect.

3. Environmental resistance. At room temperature, plastic woven bags are virtually impervious to water erosion, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.01% within 24 hours. Moisture penetration is also very low, and it becomes brittle at low temperatures. Plastic woven bags do not mould.

The properties of plastic woven bags, we will stop here. Plastic woven bags produced by our company have been well received by users. If you want to customize plastic bags, you can choose our home first.


Post time: Sep-28-2020
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