Analysis of the advantages of woven bags

Woven bag is a common industrial and agricultural filler. More subdivision of plastic woven bags is more widely used. Plastic woven bag, composed of polypropylene bag, polyethylene bag, main materials; Sewing methods are different, sewing bags, sewing bags. Woven bag manufacturer’s products are widely used in fertilizer, chemicals and other items of packaging materials.


1. Can make woven bags of agricultural products. Due to resource and product price, every year there are 6 billion woven bag is used for cement packaging, more than 85 for bulk cement packaging, more than 85 used for development and application of flexible assembly room, sea plastic woven bag, widely used in transport packaging of industrial and agricultural products, agricultural products packaging used in plastic woven bags, packaging of aquatic products, poultry feed packing, cover material, farm crop cultivation in awning, wind, hail and other materials warehouse, general products: feed bag, chemical bag.

2. Can make food bags. Rice, flour and other foods are increasingly packed in woven bags. Generally including rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags and so on.

3. Used in the tourist transport industry. Temporary tents, parasols, travel bags, travel bags, plastic woven bags are used, a variety of packaging widely used for transport and storage of the cover, easy to carry cotton fabrics, fences under construction, mesh covers are also widely used in plastic fabric, common is logistics woven bags, goods woven bags, etc.


Post time: Aug-05-2020
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