The utilization and recycling of plastic woven bags are briefly described

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In the news to see the flood relief scene, which this kind of bags are also to protect the country to provide this strength. Many of the relief supplies, for example, or bags of rock and sand, are woven bags. Because of the progress of technology and the development of science and technology, the woven bags of many new materials not only have strong corrosion resistance and tensile strength, but also have the characteristics of waterproof and side leakage prevention, and their flexibility has been greatly improved, which can pack and transport many different things, providing more convenience for people.


Woven bags in China has nearly 20 years of production history, through the joint efforts of colleagues in the plastic knitting industry, this product has been rapidly developed in China. Especially in recent years, the scale of enterprises and the grade of products have been greatly improved. The plastic knitting industry has gradually developed into an important emerging industry between the textile and chemical industries. With China’s accession to THE WTO, all countries in the world have become increasingly close in contact and economic exchanges, and the development of international logistics and trade has greatly promoted the market demand for containerized bags. So. It is necessary to fully understand the current situation and market demand of China’s container bags products, establish the development direction of woven bags in the next few years, on the basis of consolidating the domestic and international customers, vigorously develop new customers, strive to open up the international market, increase the intensity of export. International counterparts to carry out orderly and reasonable fair competition, so as to continue the healthy and normal development of the industry in China.

As is common in life, woven bags can be used to pack a lot of food and produce. Such as flour, rice, and all kinds of beans, corn and so on. In daily life, the common environment-friendly shopping bag is actually a kind of woven bag. This bag is made of non-woven fabric, which is durable, light and environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Post time: Jul-24-2020
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