What important points should be paid attention to when making woven cloth

Nowadays, the application of woven bag, a packaging product, in daily life is extremely extensive. However, it is necessary to lay woven cloth in the process of producing woven bag. It is necessary to select all necessary measures when laying woven cloth to prevent damage to the following layer of data. So what points should be paid attention to during the construction of woven cloth? Here is a brief introduction by the staff of the weaving bag factory:


In the first place, when laying geotextiles, it is necessary to take care that stones, much dust, or moisture, etc. may not damage the geotextiles, and may clog drains or strainers. Secondly, geotextile connection in normal circumstances, slope can not have a horizontal connection, except the repair of the local. Again, the suture is assumed to be selected, and the suture must be the same as the geotextile data or cross data.

Also, after the completion of the equipment, to all geotextile surface visual inspection to determine the overall damage place, make a sign and repair, concluded that the paved surface can not constitute the damage of foreign substances, such as broken needles and other foreign bodies. So in the construction should be treated correctly, to produce a better product.

In a word, weaving cloth in the use of the production to master certain points of common sense, so as to ensure the final effect of the product.


Post time: Jul-03-2020
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