What methods and techniques should be used when cleaning woven bags

At present, woven bags are classified as one of the packaging materials, and the commonly used materials for woven bags are polyethylene or polypropylene. The quality of woven bags produced by this material is guaranteed, and the application period is also long. So where is the correct cleaning method of woven bags? The following follow linyi woven bag manufacturers to carry out a simple understanding:

1. Direct drawing method.

This method is simple and easy to operate, because there will be a lot of ink, oil stains and other pollutants on the surface of the woven bag, which will make the particles produced low quality and reduce the profit.

2, artificial ink clearance method.

This method can certainly improve the quality of recycled materials to some extent, but the labor cost of demand is high, and grime can not be completely removed, the effect can not meet the needs of users.

3, the use of heating cleaning ink method.

With the method of heating, the surface of ink, grease cleaning, certain results have been achieved. Although the cleaning effect is obvious, the boiler heating method has certain risks and is very wasteful of fuel.

4. Latest processing method.

Refers to the sea ion room temperature cleaning method, this method can be in the condition of no heating, in a short time to achieve the cleaning effect. And the cleaning process is very environmental protection, low cost, obvious effect, the use of advanced power advantages gradually gained the majority of manufacturers like.

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Post time: Jul-10-2020
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