Analysis of the properties of plastic woven bags

There are more kinds of plastic woven bags, and the scope of use is also more extensive, relatively low cost, long service life, so favored by manufacturers and public consumers, so what kind of plastic woven bags have performance characteristics?


1, the plastic woven bag has a strong tensile strength and impact resistance, so more durable.


2, plastic woven bags also have corrosion resistance, insect control and other chemical properties, so suitable for all kinds of solid products, powder products, is the first choice for many chemical plant packaging.


3. The plastic woven bag has good skid resistance and long service life. The woven bag made of special material can also play the function of sunscreen and uv protection, making it the best choice for outdoor high-temperature storage products.


The plastic woven bag has good air permeability and is suitable for those products that need heat dissipation.


5. Reusable plastic woven bags. General woven bags have a long service life and can be reused, which greatly reduces the purchase cost and waste of raw materials

Post time: Nov-26-2020
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