Fire prevention measures should be taken during the use of woven bags

At present, woven bags are widely used in daily life, and most of the packaging products we use are woven bags. However, we should pay attention to fire prevention measures in the process of use to ensure safety.

In autumn and winter, dry air is very prone to fire accidents. So we should try our best to improve the fire resistance when using. At the same time control the bag around the pile of combustible, remove the building occupying the fire channel, ensure fire separation. Smoking and fire near the bag warehouse are prohibited. The staff of the weaving bag factory suggested that we should develop good daily fire prevention habits, and store the combustible materials such as firewood and grass in the designated safety area to prevent the strong wind from burning down the camp. There is also the quality determination of the sample unit. If all the items are qualified, the sample unit is qualified. Secondly, it should also do the corresponding inspection work, so as to better play its role and ensure its quality. For example, if there are unqualified items in tensile load test, the unqualified items should be reinspected by doubling the sampling in the original batch. There are also heat test, drop test, sanitary performance index, if there is unqualified, the type test is unqualified.

In a word, only by following the correct maintenance knowledge can we ensure the effect of the woven bag. Of course, in order to ensure its service life, we should also pay attention to the correct operation, so as to avoid being affected by the environment.


Post time: Jun-24-2020
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